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Measures: 7 x 23 cm (2.8x9in)

Incense Stick Burner
Not suitable for incense cones

Handmade in Gran Canaria (Spain)

SUKE censer

SKU: VDS2008L123649
  • Very colorful and cheerful glass censer that brings style and distinction to your home. Designed and crafted by Tuula Giraldo Art Glass.

    Ideal as an ornament object, providing luminosity and color.

    The incense gives off a pleasant aroma in your home. It is used for religious ceremonies, to remove bad smells, to repel insects, as a means of well-being, aromatherapy, meditation and for simple pleasure.

    Glass object cut and polished by hand, modeled and textured in ceramic oven at high temperatures. Subsequently hand painted with a brush using vitrifiable enamels and cooked again in a ceramic oven at high temperatures.

    Each piece is unique and unrepeatable, handmade, so it may differ slightly from the photographs.

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